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Courses attended: ultrasound and micro dermabrasion

Dear Barbara

Hope you are well I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I was with my training with you for my ultra-sound and micro-Dermabrasion I found the training excellent with hands on and theory covering all aspects of an intensive day.
Most of all I like the after advice that you are always there to answer any questions on the phone.
I have got quite a good clientele who are having this treatment and are pleased with the results. So good luck with more training it was great having one to one also as Barbara is very caring and passionate about her courses.




The instructor Barbara is very professional and very helpful. She answers all my questions and explains in detail each process step by step. She has very educational way to explain and easy to understand. I’m very satisfied with my course.


Brilliant, I have learnt so much it has been a little bit stressful to start with but it was put at ease very quickly by Barbara. I fully understand what she was saying. I will definitely recommend. Can’t wait to get started!


One of the best teacher’s in the UK


I nearly didn’t take further training in Ultrasound because I had my NVQ3 in Electrical Facials and thought I could easily pick it up from a machine manual. I’m really glad I did as I realise that the information in the manuals are relatively scanty and do not cover all the safety measures by any means. It scares me now to think of people are out there using Ultrasound without having been trained. It shouldn’t be allowed. The thing I loved about training with Barbara is that she is very thorough and insists on 100% accuracy but she still manages to keep it enjoyable. I came away feeling ‘completely inspired about Ultrasound and also Thermotherapy & Cryotherapy.

When I did my NVQ3 (less than 2 years ago) Ultrasound didn’t even get a mention. instead we were taught far less enjoyable and effective treatments which I have never used since. Why? Ultrasound is amazing and almost magical.

It is deeply rejuvenating without damaging the epidermis or causing a free radical cascade. I predict it will be one of the treatments of the future



Course was very good, Barbara is very pleasant teacher, with lots of knowledge. I was really having a good time and hope will be back for other course soon


Barbara very knowledgeable and patient and helped me understand everything

Sally, Warwickshire

Precise, informative and delivered in a way for complete understanding. Both theory & practical with live models

Bradley, Essex

I have recently been having beauty treatments from Barbara (Basia) Freytag who runs the Academy of Advanced Beauty near Ely in

Cambridgeshire and thought that you might be interested to hear how I feel about her work in general.

I cannot speak too highly of her expertise and professionalism. Having known Basia for several years now, I have always been aware of her deep interest in the beauty world and this has gone way, way beyond merely giving her clients a relaxing facial etc.

She truly does care about every product that she uses and, not only that, she keeps herself constantly aware of the latest in scientific research with regard to both beauty products, treatments and the techniques used to achieve optimum results.

As a client I have always been interested when she has described to me, new techniques and products. For example, I have been absolutely delighted with the results I have seen in my own skin following her sessions of microdermabrasion. As a former head teacher, I can recognise in Basia, someone who longs and indeed is able to get across her ideas to other students at whatever level. Her enthusiasm is very infectious — in the best possible way.

Her own scientific background shines through when it comes to the reasons why or why not certain products or procedures work and she never ceases to amaze me with the hours she puts into researching the latest ideas. She takes nothing for granted in her efforts to give her clients not merely value for money but more especially, they leave her salon knowing that whatever she has prescribed is the very best for their particular skin type or condition.

She truly is a very special lady…

Yours sincerely



I was looking for a Cryolipolisis course which could take me to the next level by teaching me things beyond my current knowledge, then after a lot of research I chose the Academy of Advanced Beauty. The tutor had a deep and comprehensive knowledge about the most advanced aesthetic technologies on the market, which combined with her experience on how those technologies act physiologically on the organism, made my training day an amazing one full of knowledge exchange and fulfilled my objectives. Thank you, Barbara, for all your lessons.



Courses attended: Microdermabrasion for face and body / Cosmetic Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy for that extra touch / Ultrasound for Skin rejuvenation and Wrinkle Reduction.

it is so refreshing to meet such an enthusiastic Educator who truly believes in maintaining high standards of best practice and service

for the industry. Courses are “couture” and adapted to fit your individual needs ensuring you understand every aspect of the well prepared and knowledgeable itinerary.

Following the course, it is also so reassuring to know I can call Barbara anytime, if I have any un-certainties ……………………………………….  it’s like having your
Mum on the line. Fantastic I can’t praise and recommend these courses enough.


I have just spent a day training and doing exams in Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis with Barbara Freytag at the Academy of Advanced Beauty. I learnt so much and am absolutely delighted that I chose to do my training here.

The ‘beauty room’ was very well equipped and I was able to perform the cryotherapy on two clients. Barbara was so knowledgeable, helpful and patient that I was filled with confidence. The atmosphere was relaxed without being lax as there was so much work to cover.

It is absolutely essential to read the education brochure beforehand as these too are clear and precise and made the days studies run smoothly.

I cannot praise Barbara enough, she was professional yet still made me feel at ease. She is a mine of beauty and wellbeing information that I felt I wanted to spend more time there. Barbara has made it clear that her students can call her at any time for support and with any queries we may have.

I wish to do another course and without a doubt, I will return to Barbara Freytag.



Courses attended: micro Dermabrasion, ultrasound, ultrasonic lipo­cavitation, cosmetic thermotherapy and cryotherapy

Great, Informative detail. A credit to profession of keeping high standards

Rate: A – Excellent


Thank you so much for the knowledge and all the advice I received on your diamond micro­dermabrasion course. Not only was the course thorough and effective in making me proficient and confident it was a pleasure to learn from such a lovely environment. I came away feeling very pleased I chose The Academy of Advanced Beauty and my business has benefited no end from taking the course. The after-care was excellent and I didn’t feel like I was on my own at any time, it gave me confidence knowing there was always help if I needed it. Everything 1 needed to know was covered extensively and I will definitely do further training in the near future with you. I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you have spent with me and all of my customers are very complimentary of their treatments. It is the only treatment I have ever done where I receive thank you texts days after their treatments expressing their gratitude for how good their skin feels and I know that you have helped me to achieve the exceptional results that they receive. Thank you once again kind regards



Andrea, Essex

I have studied two courses at The Academy of Advanced Beauty, Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation and Ultrasound for Skin Rejuvenation. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses there and would highly recommend this beauty school. Barbara is an excellent teacher and is very passionate about the subjects she teaches. Each course is very thorough and Barbara ensures everything is understood fully before moving on to the next step. The beauty room has a nice, friendly environment and I was made to feel incredibly welcome. I will definitely consider returning for further courses in the future.

Kind Regards


Salon Owner in Northern Ireland

Chloe, Northern Ireland

Hello Barbara.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my course on cavitation and radio frequency. You are very passionate about what you teach and are very thorough about each subject. I feel confident to carry out these procedures and have the knowledge to sell these treatments to my clients. Thank you so much for giving me the ability to carry my business to the next level. I look forward to attending the acoustic wave therapy course in December and coming to see you again, you are lovely and made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

See you again soon, Pamela


Hi Barbara,

When I first spoke to Barbara on the phone concerning the cryolipolysis course I felt immediately that this was the place that would give me the best training. Having completed the course I now know that I did make the right decision. Barbara is truly knowledgeable and is also a great educator. After completing the course I now feel fully confident to treat my clients both effectively and safely. I can highly

recommend Academy Advanced Beauty to you as I know that you will not be disappointed in their training.



Courses attended: cosmetic thermotherapy and Cryotherapy, Pressotherapy, infrared

Superb courses taught in very understandable and highly professional manor. Good experience. Lovely venue, everything taught at a good pace with excellent practical sessions.

Thank you Barbara



I recently embarked on Advanced facial courses with Barbara Freytag @ The Academy of advanced beauty.

I was looking for a high level, recognised qualification that carried weight and I certainly found it with Barbara.

Her knowledge, understanding and delivery was exceptional. With Barbara I really felt like I’d struck gold. Words just don’t do it justice!

I can’t thank her enough, for my qualifications will I’m sure open doors for me.

Thank you!


Dear Barbara,

I want to thank you for the brilliant Ultrasonic Lipo-Cavitation Course that I did with you recently. It was so helpful and insurable as well which was vital for my business.

I’ve done many therapy courses over the last few years and they have varied from poorly constructed teach-ins designed to make money for the teacher, to sound clinically based tutorials. The latter are few and far between and good therapy teaching is rare in my experience.

I have to say that your course was probably the best I have done. Your clinical and technical knowledge is outstanding and your practical teaching is superb. You do so much more than just pass on knowledge to justify giving a certificate. You have that rare gift of being a highly competent

teacher and also a very good encourager.

It means that I can now do these treatments safely and profitably, with complete confidence.

Thanks once again for such a good course and so enjoyable an experience too! I would highly recommend your courses to anybody, without hesitation.

Kind Regards



This review has probably been the hardest review I have ever written. I really want my words to reflect how sincerely grateful 1 am for all of the first class training I have received and how much 1 appreciate Barbara’s on going support that she has shown throughout the period we have known each other. Barbara came highly recommended to me on three separate occasions and even though I had certificates of attendance and was fully insured on all of my machines I decided that if I was going to be a first class therapist I would re- train with Barbara. I must say firstly if you are looking to take short cuts this training will probably not be for you as you are really put through your paces and the courses are extremely detailed and you are tested on everything. Manuals are sent in advance and you really need to put in the work prior to the course as Barbara expects good results and only produces A grade therapists. I have trained in the past with other companies on various machines like RF, cavitation and cryotherapy and to be honest 1 could have probably learnt more if I had sat for the day watching you tube videos. When you commit to training with ‘Academy of Advanced Beauty’ your training starts the minute you download your manual, I did not think it was possible to even retain as much information as I did on the training but it really has stuck and a few months on in my clinic I find myself using my knowledge daily and I can honestly say I think the foundation course has already helped me grow my business. My clients feel they are in safe hands as a lot of them follow my training path and I find myself talking passionately about what 1 have been taught by my mentor especially when using techniques I have picked up particularly when using machines together. I have booked another six courses with Barbara this year and l feel this is the best money I can spend on growing my business and investing in myself. Barbara is very well known and well respected in the industry especially with the insurance companies and with her code of ethics, high standards and extensive knowledge I really can see why. As a testament to Barbara and as a thank you for all of the hard work and personal service I have received from “Academy of Advanced Beauty ” I would be happy to be contacted via Barbara if you need a more in depth review, this is the least I can do. If you are looking for the best you have found her, thank you so much.

Leigh Anne, Exeter